What makes Dots & Squiggles different?

Dots & Squiggles provides well-rounded music tuition, alongside the discreet skill of piano playing. The program provides opportunities for rhythm ensemble, music theory, as well as ear training. We also offer a chance for parents to learn alongside their child; quality time spent together sharing a new hobby. In addition, children will participate in a variety of game based activities to keep energetic little ones engaged throughout the learning.

What happens if my child doesn’t pick it up straight away?

The stages are progressive and to move on to the next stage, it is important to have a firm grasp of the previous. That being said, stages can be repeated to help embed the skills. This should not be seen as a failure, but rather allowing learners to progress at their own pace. This is similar to the way schools revisit key concepts each term.

What does the cost of the sessions include?

Sessions are paid for as a 12-week block, with up to three blocks per year. This includes the weekly 50 minute session, rhythm instrument, music staff whiteboard and a Dots & Squiggles bag to keep everything together. You will need to provide a basic keyboard or piano for home practice outside lesson time. I can offer advice as to which keyboard would be best suited for beginners. Don’t worry, in the early stages you don’t need anything extravagant…

I’m not in the slightest bit musical! Will this hold back my child?

Absolutely not! Just bring an open mind and an appreciation for music. You will learn side by side and most likely both end up playing the piano!

What will I need to provide as a parent or carer?

It is expected that an adult attend the lesson with each child. Children are expected to practice daily to reinforce the skills and considering the age of the learners, they will need to do that with an adult. In the early stages, practices aren’t intended to last hours. 5-10 minutes each day is plenty. My Mom used to reward us with a scotch mint afterwards! Practice is positively reinforced in lesson time with stickers and small prizes.

What happens if I change my mind?

Please don’t! I do realise that piano is not for everyone, and as well, many parents might find it difficult to commit to this program. We have a three week opt-out policy. The first lesson is free but by lesson 3, we will require your financial commitment for the 12-week term.

I suggest giving one term a try in its entirety. If nothing else, you and your child will know basic music theory and keyboard skills 🙂