Dots & Squiglets

NEW in 2018 and ideal for 3-4 year old children in their final year before school, Dots & Squiglets is the perfect stepping stone to the full Dots & Squiggles programme.

That’s not to say that if your child is older they’re at a disadvantage when beginning Dots & Squiggles; Dots & Squiglets is just a great opportunity to introduce little ones to fun, play-based musical activity on the piano.

Importantly, it cements your child’s interest in the musical arts before taking that next step to Dots & Squiggles.

Unlike Dots & Squiggles (which enrols by term), Dots & Squiglets is available for your pre-schooler to join at any time. So get in touch and join in the fun!, or find us on facebook at Dots & Squiggles Piano.