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We’re so proud of the programme we’ve created and seeing our ‘mini-musicians’ grow in ability and confidence. Find out how you and your child can get involved in Dots & Squiggles below.

Pre-School & Early Years

Little Squiglets

Our pre-school classes are the ideal introduction to your child’s musical development. These interactive group sessions include practical tasks, pre-reading skills, counting and rhythm combined with fun games and storytelling (and lots of stickers!).

This is also the perfect stepping stone to the full Dots & Squiggles programme. That’s not to say older children are at a disadvantage when beginning Dots & Squiggles; our pre-school sessions are just a great opportunity to introduce little ones to fun, play-based musical activity on the piano.

​Importantly, it cements your child’s interest in the music before taking that next step to Dots & Squiggles.

​Unlike Dots & Squiggles (which enrols by term), Dots & Squiglets is available for your Pre-Schooler to join at any time. So get in touch and join in the fun!

Key Stage 1

Dots & Squiggles

Ideal for children in Year One upwards, the full Dots & Squiggles programme sees children develop through six books, with a new Treble Street character introduced each school term. Children learn in fun, practical group sessions via a combination of music theory, rhythm exercises and fun games.

The programme is made up of 12 week (or term) blocks, with children progressing through lessons with fun activities and homework tasks.

​Course costs include all resources such as the Dots & Squiggles lesson books, rhythm instrument, music stave whiteboard as well as a Dots and Squiggles book bag to keep everything neat and tidy.

A keyboard or digital piano is provided for each child during lesson time. You just need to provide your own keyboard for home practice (nothing hugely fancy required).

Learn at home


Our aim is to have lovely Dots & Squiggles teachers in every corner of the globe, but whilst we’re busy working on that, your child can enjoy some of the programme’s benefits with a fortnightly subscription. Delivered to your door, your child can enjoy learning a new song, rhythm exercises and fun activities, as well as hearing what’s new with characters from the Treble Street Gang!

SquiggleScription is coming (very) soon, so register your interest for your little one’s SquiggleScription now, using the link below.

Register your interest

Register your interest for the upcoming launch of Squigglescription

If you’d like your little one to become a mini musician, would like us to visit your nursery or school, or interested
in teaching our Dots & Squiggles programme, we’d love to hear from you.

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